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Posted Apr 01, 2020
Job Description

Our home health care agency is rapidly expanding and we are hiring a Home Health Nurse (LVN) effective immediately. We work with patients of all ages and backgrounds who require daily care in their homes. Most of our patients are elderly and/or terminally ill, so we hire the most compassionate and thoughtful talent in the field. You will be responsible for managing a case load, so time management skills are essential. However, it is important to provide each patient with the time and attention necessary to meet his or her needs. If you enjoy working one-on-one with patients outside of a clinical setting, submit your resume.

Skills Required

1.Assess patients’ condition during every visit and chart observations
2.Perform evaluation tasks, including vital signs and medication review
3.Administer meds as prescribed by the pt’s MD
4.Dress or redress open wounds and assess progress of healing
5.Educate patients/families on proper home health care strategies and procedures
6.Coordinate with OT, PT, MD etc involved in the pt’s care plan
7.Make recommendations for devices or tools that might improve the patient’s quality of life



Job Categories

Job Types(s):   Healthcare / Nursing

Industry(s):   Healthcare

Employment Type:   Employee - Part Time

Job Location(s):   The Woodlands, Conroe / Lake Conroe, Tomball / Magnolia, Spring, Oak Ridge / Shenandoah

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